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Folk Band “Ożarowiacy”

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The folk band “Ożarowiacy” was formed in 2002. It operates at the “Uśmiech” Cultural Center in Ożarów Mazowiecki, and is composed of four dance groups of children and adolescents, divided by age. The repertoire of the band comprises Polish folk songs and dances from the regions of Mazovia, Cracow, Silesia, Spisz, and Kashubia.

The aim of the band is to preserve authentic Polish folklore, and to cultivate Polish traditions, folk customs, dances, chants, the folk dialect, games, and the ability to play folk instruments. The band promotes Ożarów Mazowiecki Commune not only during local performances and festivals, but also in Warszawa Zachodnia County, and in other regions of Poland. “Ożarowiacy” have performed as guests at festivals at home and abroad.

From the beginning of its existence, the band has been conducted by the instructors Ms. Małgorzata Wojciechowska and Mr. Waldemar Dąbrowski; since 2013 the vocal workshops have been conducted by Mr. Mariusz Latek.

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