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Thursday, 10 December 2015 07:36

Ożarowskie Kumoszki

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The amateur band “Ożarowskie Kumoszki” was formed in 1978 at the Association of Retired Persons and Pensioners. Its founders were Mr. Pałucha and Mr. Kucharski. At first, the band comprised 14 people. The elders sang a cappella, and their supervisor was Mr. Zofia Więcławska, who also incorporated short theater plays and skits into the repertoire of the band. Later, the band was taken over by the “Uśmiech” Cultural Center at 6 Konotopska Street, where rehearsals took place.

The first conductor of the band became Mr. Antoni Kwiek. The author of numerous lyrics for “Ożarowskie Kumoszki,” which are still part of the repertoire, and—at the same time—an active member of the band was Mr. Tadeusz Żychliński.

Other people who have contributed to the success of “Ożarowskie Kumoszki” include Wanda Kulesza, Zofia Wójcik, Jacek Kuropatwa, Wojciech Siennicki, Roman Machaj, Beata Frejnik, Małgorzata Brykała, Janina Patocka, and its current instructors: Jolanta Sikorska and Jacek Waldemar Dąbrowski. The band “Ożarowskie Kumoszki” successfully participates in numerous competitions and festivals of artistic activities for elders. Those events are organized in Warszawa Zachodnia County, in the city of Warsaw, and in other regions of Poland.