About us

About the Bronisze Branch

By virtue of the City Council’s Resolution No. XXVI/239/12 of October 11, 2012, a branch of the “Uśmiech” Cultural Center was established in Bronisze at 15 Przyparkowa Street as of January 1, 2013. The branch offers regular classes as well as a variety of concerts, workshops, and periodic theater meetings. It has an offer aimed at children, adolescents, and adults; what is more, new classes are proposed every year. Children and adolescents can also participate in classes during summer and winter actions. An additional advantage of the branch is its computer room, where everyone can use its resources for educational purposes. Every year in May, the branch invites everyone to the picnic party “Majówka dla małych i dużych,” where recent achievements of the participants of the classes are presented.

About the Branch

The Branch of the “Uśmiech” Cultural Center in Józefów has operated since 2008. It was established by virtue of the City Council’s Resolution No. 145/07 of December 28, 2007, and is located in the building of the former elementary school.

On our offer there are numerous regular classes for children, adolescents, and adults. We also organize contests, festivals, performances, exhibitions, and the annual outdoor picnic party “Józefowska Majówka,” as well as “Ferie zimowe z Uśmiechem” during the winter break, and “Lato z Uśmiechem” in the summer.

Periodically, theater shows for children and dance evenings for elders are held as well. At the Branch, the headquarters of the community center and a computer room are also located.